What is Fitness Events?

We film bodybuilding, physique and fitness competitions and allow competitors and supporters to purchase copies of the footage to download.

In the past, you may have purchased competition DVDs. Fitness Events is an online version of this. By providing video downloads rather than producing DVDs, we’ve made sure that you can get the footage quicker, that you can watch it on all of your devices, plus you can re-post shots of you online, within our guidelines. So now you won’t have your physique ruined by shaky mobile phone footage that your friend filmed!

How does it work?
  • We film a fitness event and split the footage in to manageable video clips (e.g. by category).
  • Within a few days, all video clips are uploaded to our website for you to watch or download.
  • Competitors and supporters can buy access to download the videos from a particular event.
  • After purchase, you can watch the video immediately or download it to your own device.
What happens when I purchase a video package?

As soon as your payment is confirmed, you’ll be able to view the status of your video package.

If you pre-order a video package (i.e. buy access before the event has taken place), then each video clip will show as “available soon” and we’ll email you as soon as the video clips are ready to download.

If the video clips are already available, you can watch or download them immediately after purchase.

How do I pay?

You can pay using any Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card.

How long after a show does it take for the video clips to be available for download?

We guarantee to have all video clips available within one week of the show. However, we aim to make them available much sooner – usually within 48 hours of the show ending.

What exactly am I buying?

You’re buying the rights to watch and download the selected video clips for your own personal viewing.

Your purchase also allows you to use limited extracts of the clips publicly, such as on YouTube and Facebook, as long as it’s within the guidelines outlined below.

You may:

  • DOWNLOAD the clips to all of your devices
  • KEEP the clips forever
  • WATCH the clips as many times as you like
  • RE-POST shots of YOURSELF (i.e. if you can be seen on stage)
  • SHARE edited videos of YOURSELF online (e.g. YouTube, Facebook)

You may not:

  • UPLOAD entire clips anywhere online (e.g. YouTube, Facebook)
  • SHARE download links with other people
  • SEND entire clips to other people
  • CREATE videos which focus on people other than yourself

All footage remains the property of Fit Media Productions Ltd (or its affiliates) and we take copyright infringements seriously.

We monitor downloads and use automated content ID recognition tools to help identify copyright violations.

Please enjoy the video clips and respect copyright laws.

How do I know what I can or can’t share online?

As long as you are in shot and are the main focus of the shot, then you can extract that footage from the full video clip and use it publicly. You will need to edit this yourself, including removing all parts of the video where you are not in shot.

If you’re not sure, please contact us first and check.

Can I show the full video clips to my friends and family?

Yes – so long as it’s played on your own device. You can’t send entire video clips to other people or share download links.

Can I use shots of me to promote myself online?

Yes. Just stick to the guidelines outlined above, and remember to remove shot of anyone else. This includes promoting yourself if you’re self-employed, such as a PT.

Can I use shots of me to promote my business, my employer or sponsor?

If you are a sole trader or small business (such as a PT or gym owner), you can use the shots of yourself to promote yourself.

If your employer or sponsor wants to use the shots of you to promote their business, they must contact us to buy a full commercial license.

If I order a single category instead of a full show, which clips do and don’t I get?

You get to see every time competitors in that category are on stage. Each event differs, but typically you would get any pre-judging, T-walks, comparisons and the results.

If I order a full show, can I skip to specific categories?

Yes. We split each show in to manageable video clips. This means you don’t get one massive video file of the show, but instead, you can watch or download each section of the show. We usually split shows in to the different categories, and you can keep all these individual files so it’s easy to find the part of the show that you want.

What file formats are available for download?

Each video clip is provided in .mp4 format. This is the most widely used format online as it can be played on almost all modern computers and devices.

What devices can I play the video clips on?

You can play the video clips on almost any modern device, including Windows computers and smartphones, Apple phones, tables, laptops and desktops and Android phones and tablets.

Remember that HD video clips are often large files, so check that you have sufficient storage space and if you have an older device, that it has the processing power for HD files. You can always opt for SD resolution if not.

Do I need any specialist software to download the video clips?

Windows, Mac and Android users should not need any specialist software to download the video clips.

If you’re using an Apple phone or tablet, you may need to install a third party app to download the video clips. This is because Safari (Apple’s default internet browser) does not support file downloads. If you don’t already have a download manager app installed, you should search the app store for a “download manager”. There are a large number to choose from, and most are free. Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to use it to download the video clips.

Do I need any specialist software to play the video clips?

No. The default media players on Windows, Apple and Android devices can all play .mp4 files.

Can I watch the video clips on the website?

Yes. You can watch the vidoes online without downloading them.

The only exception are events that took place prior to 2016. These videos are available for download only.